Which are the best CRM products available on the market?

CRM products are a great investment for companies and their clients at the same time. These products allow the company to develop a more cohesive approach to their clients, marketing strategies and products developed, while providing high-quality customer relations for their clients. All these, will allow the company to increase their productivity and profits. These allow a better interaction between various departments in a company, between a company and their collaborators and clients as well. Below is a list of popular CRM products available on the market in 2017.



Bpm’online CRM

This amazing CRM product seems to solve all the issues that a company might have, while it delivers measurable results in various areas of activity. Implemented appropriately, each company investing in this CRM system will be able to optimize their activity flow and enjoy all the smart tools integrated into it at their full potential. Interested customers can choose from three intelligent products, or they can opt for all of those, as a bundle.

  • Bpm’online marketing – is an intelligent tool that offers multichannel marketing capabilities to the user. It offers full access to client’s history of interactions and purchases with the company and allows the marketing department to develop marketing campaigns, depending on various coordinates.
  • Bpm’online sales –is packed with all the necessary resources and tools that allow your sales teams to close more deals and increase their rates of success. For instance, the 360 degree customer view allows them to adapt their sales strategies so they fit better the requirements of each client, the lead management tool allow them to effectively identify the leads prepared for closing a deal, while the contact center allows easy access to all relevant information from each client’s profile, while eliminating duplicate information with success.
  • Bpm’online service – is a smart customer service management tool that increases the levels of efficacy at which customer relations teams interact with each customer.

Automation is the word of rule when it comes to bpm’online, offering automation opportunities for each internal process. This allows all departments to decrease the necessary time parameters to manage various tasks, will increasing the accuracy of their actions.


Oracle CRM

This is one of the simplest CRM products available on the market that allows the user to manage with success various parts of their internal activity. However, many claim that the product is oftentimes rigid. However, just like bpm’online, this system allows automation in various areas of a company, from sales, to marketing and customer interactions. This allows the company using the system to work more effectively and deliver better results in various areas of activity. It provides industry specific functionality features for each company which comes to boost the company’s productivity. Find out more about Oracle here.


Nimble claims to offer a smarter way to manage customer relations. It comes with various features that make it possible, and it is available on various supports, such as cloud, SaaS, mobile, for both iOS and Android. It combines contacts with social signals and e-mail capabilities, with sales automation abilities and it offers some smart features as well.

  • Activity management features;
  • Contact history;
  • Email marketing;
  • Group management;
  • Customer pipeline;
  • Lead management and prospecting tools;

As many users claim, this is one of the most resourceful CRM products available on the market currently.

Deltek Vision CRM

Is a CRM system developed for professional consulting firms and it combines with success accounting, resource management, project management, time management, expense management features, and these all allow the teams working on a given project to manage their overall resources in a more effective fashion and to follow through all the necessary steps. It is available on cloud, SaaS, web, and it works wonderfully on both iOS and Android, increasing the mobility levels of all users. Some of the most acclaimed features are as described below.

  • Billing and accounting features;
  • Business performance management;
  • Budget features;
  • Financial CRM tools;
  • Lead management tools;
  • Project management features, etc.

However, for more information you can access the company’s official webpage at https://www.deltek.com/en/.

Tips for choosing the right CRM product for your company’s needs

When searching for a CRM system, you must take into account three major coordinates.

  • How much can you afford to pay for the product, on a monthly basis?
  • What features you need in a system of this kind?
  • Why do you need CRM software, to be more precise?

The answer to the last question is oftentimes way easier than many imagine. They need a CRM system because these products allow a better customer and internal process management, and because they offer incredible automation advantages. Also, make sure to assess correctly the features that you need to incorporate into your product. What might work for others may be a failure for your particular case. Keep in mind that each company has its own particularities.


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