There are many people who think that SEO and Digital marketing are the same things and used for same purpose. These are however two different things with different definitions and different functions. There are things similar between these two regarding function and nowadays these are working in tandem.SEO companiesare hired for optimizing marketing functions for improving their position in the search results. A number of strategies are being used along with various best SEO practices for achieving higher ranking in SERPs. Basically, SEO is subset of the digital marketing.


Main difference between SEO and Digital marketing is that of the approach used by them and nature of the approach. SEO specialists are the people who have expertise. They salve their knowledge & experiences for optimizing sites in way that traffic towards traffic is increased which ultimately leads to increased revenue. Manager of digital marketing actually workswith SEP specialist in marketing campaigns for increasing the over-all exposure of a company by utilizing digital media. SEO is the tool in the tool box of a digital marketer. There are many strategies that are shared by the SEO specialist & managers for digital marketing. These include best practices for

• Email marketing
• Social-media marketing
• Mobile marketing and
• Content marketing
Few more options are also available for digital managers including radio, TV, SMS or billboards resources. Two of these drastically overlap and for this reason it is not easy to separate these two. Main purpose of SEO expert is to make more and more people visiting a website whereas that of digital manager is to increase the overall presence of a company online and increasing and improving its visibility towards its customers.


Latest trend for SEO and Digital marketing are changing. An increase in trend for incorporating techniques of digital marketing with that of SEO techniques has beenseen. Both these strategies are integrating with advancement in promotional techniques online. With expanding of social media, mobile phones and tablets it is now understood that only SEO techniques are not enough and one need to do much more for reaching customers in an effective way. In order to out-perform the competition one must incorporate SEO strategies with that of digital marketing. It is that today`s climate for marketing is about making more efforts as compared to only SEO by including techniques for digital marketing. SEO is about creating websites that are high quality and highly acceptable for users.


SEO is continuously changing. Ranking methods are constantly updated by the search engines due to which SEO specialists are required to be updated with latest trends. Digital marketing is the recent addition to SEO strategies. This term emerged from SMI. While search engine continuous to broaden the gaze & perfect techniques and specifies these thoroughly look at sites. These search engines measure brand sentiment, overall relevance and content quality.Methods of approaching customers by companies have been revolutionized with these techniques and this has affected sales, marketing, branding, PR and every other thing that is relevant. So in order to be successful it is important to integrate best practices of SEO and Digital marketing.


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