Everyday Stories As Told By a Houston Commercial Locksmith

I’m sure we would have heard many stories as children­ fairy tales of princesses being rescued by princes from the tall towers being guarded by mean dragons, stories of animals being friends in the forest, etc. We would have heard stories being narrated by policemen, artistes, etc.

Have you ever wondered what stories the Houston commercial locksmith has to tell the rest of the world? “She called me in a panic. She parked her car, left the key inside and locked it. She had to withdraw some cash from the ATM. After having done so, she walked back to the car, only to realize the blunder that she had made by leaving the toddler sleeping in the car and leaving the key too inside. I went there as soon as I could and picked the lock. Boy, she was so relieved.” Common, don’t you think? He had a different incident to narrate.

“Once, I got a call from a harried father who lived in Central Houston. He had gone out to work leavingin teenage son in the house. He had even warned him to keep the door locked at all times. On returning home, he realized the door was locked. He called out to his son but didn’t get any response.He waited, but there was not even the slightest sound from inside the house. He began to panic. What if something bad had happened and all creepy thoughts came to his head. He immediately called me and I went at the earliest possible.



After maneuvering the lock, he rushed inside. His son was nowhere to be seen. He rushed upstairs and found his son, soundly sleeping with his school book in hand. I will never forget the relief on his face.” Another instance where he had a funny incident, to narrate.“My friend was a policeman. We used to hang out together. Once, he called me late night and said that he needed my Houston commercial locksmith services.I got all excited thinking we were breaking into a commercial property and I could see the investigation of the crime scene. It was exciting to just imagine that.

I closed my half eaten sandwich in a box, shoved it into the refrigerator and hurried. But I didn’t know where I was supposed to go. I called him to ask him exactly that. He asked me to come near his house. I thought he would pick me up form there and we could ride together.

I reached there in the next few minutes and he looked sad. As soon as he saw me, he explained that he and his girlfriend had been in a fight and she had locked him out of the house. He wanted me to pick her lock so that he could go in there and calm her down. All I could do was grin. Thankfully, they were at a restaurant the next afternoon, holding hands.” Being a commercial locksmith in Houston is a fun and rewarding career. Over many years it is easy tofind the joy in helping people. Time and again the job of a commercial locksmith is proving to be rewarding and fulfilling for me and my Houston commercial locksmith business.

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