Depression QuotesAnd Messages

“Talk about the cuts and crying during the depression!”
There, it is a pain of the flesh mixed with the pain of the soul …


No matter the color of your skin and the color of your eyes, the depression when it catches you, it catches you, it turns inside out and leaves you all night without sleep.

I will allow myself to feel joy, love, compassion, guilt, boredom, anger, sadness, depression, fear and, if I fall or are overthrown, may God grant me strength in the arms to get up, firmness in the legs to continue my walk and Strength of spirit to overcome the pains of the soul.


The place is the same, we are here, where you are hungry, misery, suicides, depression, intolerance. But in that same place, where all this has, believe it or not, there is still hope.


Depression is the prison of the soul, the invisible pain from which we try to fight nothingness, it is a struggle against ourselves, where healing is not the escape from life, but the union between faith love and persistence HTTP://


My madness brought me to depression, and depression drove me to a face without life and emotion.


I feel all the depression of happiness.


Getting away does not kill anyone, so get out of that depression and go be happy, if she did not want you, whoever wants you.


Depression … If you never had it, do not judge it, help. Or rather, shut up.


You could change the tune from depression to joy as you switch from one station to another on the radio until you can pick up a beautiful song.


Depression is like looking at the bottom of the abyss. Trust is uncovering the mountaintop. The hope is to see the stars. Faith is being able to perceive beyond them.


“The beginning of depression is comparison!”


“The disappointment that others cause us can lead to depression and even total madness, but letting ourselves down can completely destroy us, so let us be attentive and hold our minds firm, in the conviction that we are precious things of God the Father …


Depression is a ghastly monster that inhabits our darkest basements.


The Depression Ends Desires Strength and Will to Live


The Depression ends with desires strength and will to live what I did of mine is bad very badly my tears fall without for someone who I believed and I threw everything away for her today not only nothing more but nothing


“Shallowness combined with idleness causes emptiness, adding to them, there comes depression, which is pain of the soul.”


Depression arises from the lack of ventilation of the plains, bound obstacles usually provoked by the caustic phonetics of the unconscious, triggered by the senses of irrationalism collective desires.


I saw life in a dark and empty way, where the silence of the night my soul screamed in depression I gave up being happy.


Depression is nothing more than a vicious circle and pessimistic about everything, when you think a lot, it’s weakening, how little you act, it’s time to drown and find the sand on the bottom of the sea.

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