All You Need to Know About Lock Bumping

Lock bumping has become a big problem for Fort Worth Texas residents and costs residents in Fort Worth millions in burglary damage repair services. Lock bumping isa special technique used by criminals for opening deadbolt locks and cylinder locks using a special type of key called bump key. This is a very powerful technique and has led to a spurt in the number of home burglaries in Forth Worth in recent years.

What makes lock bumping so dangerous is that it does not leave behind any trace of the burglary. So homeowners have no clue that they have been targeted by burglars until a few days later when they realize that some of their precious items such as jewelry are missing.

Why Lock Bumping is Such a Major Threat to Your Home Security?

According to the data provided by the Department of Justice and the National CrimePrevention Council NCPC over 66 percent of break-ins in the country show no sign of forced entry. This indicates that a majority of burglaries these days make use of lock bumping techniques.

Lock bumping has become so common because it is simple and effective and there are hundreds of sites on the internet where one can learn lock bumping techniques or buy bump keys.

There are a number of tutorials on lock bumping on YouTube and there are actually online stores where you can order 3D printed bump keys for just $5 a key! Yes, sale of bump keys is banned by the authorities, but with the internet being so vast, it is impossible to monitor what goes on in cyberspace.

Fact is no traditional lock is completely bump proof. In fact, 90% of the locks out there can be opened with a bump key within a minute. This is especially true with the old style cylinder locks which are used to secure a majority of homes in the United States.



Some of the newer locks that are available on the market are even more prone to being bumped. Never trust the cheap locks available at Home Depot and other hardware stores as they are particularly susceptible to lock bumping.

How Does Lock Bumping Work?

Bump keys are special types of keys which exploit the weakness in the mechanics of pin tumbler locks. A bump key is a standard key that has cuts or valleys at the highest possible depth, which allows it to fit into the locks. A bump key is designed to match the key-way of the lock and can easily open it as long as it can fit into the lock physically.

Burglars typically have 10 bump keys of different shapes and sizes with them at all times. This allows them to work with any type of lock. These are keys are commonlyavailable on the internet, even on reputable sites such as eBay.

Bump Proof Locks

You can protect yourself against lock bumping by ordering a bump proof lock, whichcan be opened only with keys of abnormal shapes and sizes. These keys are very different from the types of bump keys that are used by burglars. Bump proof locks feature a unique BumpGuard technology which makes them reasonably secure.

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